A woman, who has been identified by her initial H, was allegedly stabbed last night by her own husband in Pasar Kreneng, northern Denpasar. Though local residents managed to take her to the local hospital after the incident, H unfortunately died from her wounds.

Spokesman of the National Police, Dedi Prasetyo, yesterday revealed new details about AT, one of the two suspected terrorists arrested in Bali’s Jembrana regency last week. Authorities said AT allegedly acted as an attack coordinator and was found to have provided tutoring on bomb-making for his extremist group.

An official from Bali Province’s Livestock and Animal Health Agency told local media that a recent monitoring operation revealed at least 10 food stalls in Buleleng regency still selling dog meat, prompting them to step up enforcement of the dog meat trade ban on the island.

One of Bali’s most iconic temples and popular tourist attraction, Tanah Lot, is getting an upgraded ticketing system beginning tomorrow. 

Visitors who have been to this temple might be aware that Tanah Lot’s current ticketing system involves the staff ripping a part of your ticket before letting you into the complex.

You’ve probably heard of Café del Mar – it’s that popular bar in Ibiza, which also spawned a series of chill-out ambient music compilations of the same name. While many of us might have never been to the Spanish island, more have surely heard tracks from those popular CDs that have been around since the ‘90s.

What might have simply started as a fun night-out with the boys in Bali could potentially have professional repercussions for one rugby player. 

A New Zealand man believed to be Nelson Asofa-Solomona, who plays for Australian rugby team Melbourne Storm, was allegedly involved in a violent street brawl in front of a nightclub over the weekend, as seen in footage circulating on social media.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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