A 13-year-old girl from South Denpasar has been identified as a victim of alleged rape at the hands of her cousin and uncle, a case that further highlights the need for law enforcement in cases of sexual violence in Indonesia.

Police in Bali’s Badung regency have arrested four men after they were caught beating a dog to death last week, and said that the suspects had planned on cooking the canine for a meal.

Authorities in Bali have certainly been kept busy with people blatantly ignoring official restrictions and health protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with a bar in Kuta’s famous Legian street being the latest to find themselves raided amid a crowded party.

Officials in Bali are stepping up rabies vaccinations for dogs across the province, following cases in Jembrana and Tabanan regencies, where about a dozen local residents were recently bitten by rabies-infected dogs.

An Indonesian minister this week suggested that the trans-Java toll road may be extended all the way to Bali, but a local official has followed that up by clarifying that the only plans currently in place is to build toll roads within the province.

More than sixty healthcare workers in Bali have been infected with the coronavirus, officials said, suggesting that many were exposed while handling unconfirmed COVID-19 patients who initially came in with different concerns.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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