A video went viral yesterday in which a group of tourists decided to light firecrackers in Komodo National Park at around dusk, just as a cauldron of flying fox bats rose up to color the sky – one of the amazing natural displays of the area.

Kelakuan wisatawan kita di kawasan konservasi. Ini kejadian di Pulau Kalong TN Komodo sore ini.

Ancaman bagi Komodo dan sawta penyertanya ternyata bukan hanya perizinan investasi yg digelontorkan @kementerianlhk pemerintahan @jokowi, ttpi jg prilaku wisatawan berkesadaran rendah pic.twitter.com/QC2dWTJO7i

— Kawan Baik Komodo (@KawanBaikKomodo) March 31, 2022

The video was uploaded by Twitter account @kawanbaikkomodo, which said that the tourists were onboard a phinisi near Kalong Island on Thursday.

The 42-second video showed that the tourists were bursting firecrackers as some men from a boat nearby yelled at them to stop.

“Oi, that’s forbidden,” yelled one of the men.

Tidak ada sistem kontrol, tidak ada sistem sanksi. Padahal ini adalah #WorldHeritageSite@unesco@unescojakarta#SaveKomodoNow
Sumber:IG #labuanbajo_news_informationpic.twitter.com/S8ceJKyNG9

— Kawan Baik Komodo (@KawanBaikKomodo) March 31, 2022

Kawan Baik Komodo is a collective aiming to protect Komodo National Park and the environment in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). In the past, they have criticized President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration over developments that encroach and threaten wildlife at Komodo National Park.

In the tweet accompanying the viral video, the collective once again criticized the government, but this time also took a dig at what they call “tourists with low sense of awareness.”

Bursting firecrackers, according to a local news outlet, is one of the cardinal “don’ts” when visiting Komodo National Park, with others being smoking cigarettes, camping and starting a campfire, barbequing, and jet skiing.

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