The Danish man who was reported by his ex-wife to the police last week for allegedly damaging a shrine said he was actually taking it down and replacing it with another statue “to take away bad spirit from the house,” after a video of him kicking the shrine went viral on social media.

Police said that the man who stabbed his wife to death at Pasar Kreneng in northern Denpasar last week did so out of jealousy. Under Indonesia’s criminal code, he could face a maximum of 15 years’ imprisonment.

Police from Bali’s Jembrana regency seized 13 turtles yesterday, which authorities said were smuggled from Madura, East Java. A man from a village in Jembrana has reportedly been arrested in connection with the crime.

Officials from the Animal Health Department in Jembrana finally managed to capture a wild monkey in Negara sub-district of Jembrana yesterday, after it has reportedly been worrying local residents for the past month as it roamed freely around the area.

Police in north Bali’s Buleleng regency are looking into a case involving one Danish national, identified by his initials LC, who was reported by his ex-wife for allegedly damaging the shrines at her house.


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A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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