A woman’s decision to brag about her wealth (AKA flex) on TikTok has led to the arrest of her husband, police said. The husband was among the five employees of Freeport Indonesia who were apprehended for stealing gold from the mining giant.

Local outlets reported that the five suspects were identified as RS, A, DW, PKP, and A. The gold theft syndicate, according to the authorities, began their heist at Freeport Indonesia’s Mile 74 mining site in Mimika, Papua in 2020 – until their arrest on Feb. 19. 2022.

While the arrest happened a couple of months ago, the Mimika Police only revealed the case to the public last week.

“[As for] the details, I cannot [reveal] just yet, because there are other suspects who we have not arrested and [they are currently] outside Papua,” Mimika Police’s crime investigation chief Harydika Eka Anwar said.

Harydika explained that a former Freeport Indonesia employee became suspicious after noticing TikTok videos uploaded by one of the suspects’ wife. In her TikTok account, the wife reportedly flaunted her wealth, including their house and cars.

The employee thought something didn’t add up, as the woman’s husband only began working at Freeport Indonesia less than five years ago, and yet he seemed to be rolling in dough. He later notified the company, which in turn reported the case to the authorities.


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