A young married couple will most likely be kept apart for almost a decade after both were found guilty yesterday of selling methamphetamine, with the court sentencing them each to nine years’ imprisonment.

The Denpasar District Court heard that RA, 25, and his wife PA, 21, were arrested in a boarding room (locally known as kosan) on Oct. 1 last year. Both of them were reportedly waiting for a customer when the officers arrived. The police confiscated 28 packages of crystal meth that, in total, weighed 42.46 grams. A scale and other drug paraphernalia were also seized. 

In addition to the jail punishment, the court also ordered RA and PA to pay IDR1 billion (US$ 69,590) in fines in lieu of an additional six month’s confinement.

The young couple reportedly accepted the punishment and did not seek an appeal.


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