An inmate at the Kerobokan Correctional Institution thought it would be a good idea to order crystal meth and have it delivered via a motorcycle taxi app last weekend. The drugs were placed inside a powdered chocolate milk box in an attempt to fool prison officers.

The scheme failed after authorities found the crystal meth package anyway on Friday afternoon. The inmate was identified by the initial KHS, while the bike taxi driver was known as ODMM.

“After [the officers] examined it carefully, inside the powdered milk box there were packages suspected [to contain] methamphetamine,” Kerobokan Prison Head Fikri Jaya Soembing said in a written statement.

The Kerobokan prison officers immediately alerted the Bali Province Narcotics Agency (BNN). The convict may face new charges related to drug trafficking, while the driver was taken in for questioning.

Bali BNN head Gde Sugianyar Dwi Putra said yesterday that the powdered milk box contained three packages of crystal meth, weighing 7.99 grams. The driver, who has been released, was questioned as a witness as he confessed that he did not know that he was delivering drugs.

KHS told the authorities that he ordered the illegal goods from a dealer who lives around Gatot Subroto Tengah Road in Denpasar. The investigators suspect that KHS managed to smuggle a mobile phone behind bars as he was able to place the order for the drugs.

Police did not disclose why KHS was jailed in the first place. According to the 2009 Indonesian Anti-Drugs Act, he may face between 6 and 20 more years in prison if found guilty for purchasing the drugs.

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