A video went viral yesterday showing a river in Denpasar turning red – but not in a biblical sense.

Authorities found that all the red was the result of a screen printing business dumping waste into the water.

Denpasar Environmental Affairs Agency’s chief IB Putra Wirabawa said yesterday that the business owner was apprehended and his license has been suspended.

“The root of the problem is a screen printing or tie-dying business that has recklessly been dumping waste,” he said.

Separately, the agency’s environmental capacity head Agus Sudarmo revealed the suspect to have the initial S, and that he is originally from Banyuwangi. The suspect told the authorities that while his business had installed a waste management system, some pipes had burst and caused environmental damage.

Agus added that S would be punished based on local regulations and his case dossier would be filed with the Denpasar District Court on April 13. Under local regulations, S may face up to six months in prison or pay a fine of up to IDR50 million (US$3,480).

Locals previously complained the river, which is located in Tukad Mati, Denpasar, sometimes turned either red or green due to waste. While conceding that there is no odor from the river, they alerted the situation to the authorities due to environmental concerns.


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