A recently married couple landed on the Denpasar Police’s most wanted list after having reportedly wed each other without proper licenses.

Local news outlet reported that FST and HL married each other on March 28 last year.

The lavish wedding reportedly took place in the swanky area of Nusa Dua.

However, it was later found that the bride, HL, was not officially divorced from her ex-husband, identified as FL. As a result, both FST and HL are charged with violating Article 279 of the Criminal Code on unlicensed marriages and could face five years behind bars.

Denpasar Police’s criminal investigation chief Chief Comr. Mikael Hutabarat said that the two became fugitives after ignoring summons from the investigators twice.

Separately, FL’s lawyer Lodewyk Siahaan said that his legal team filed a complaint against FST and HL after hearing about the wedding (the report was filed on that very same day).

“Our client married HL in 2008,” he said, adding that their wedding license is recorded in the Jakarta Civil Service Office.

“Their divorce was not finalized yet by the time of the wedding,” he added.


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