An alleged villa burglar was apprehended by the Kuta Police for stealing from a villa in Seminyak where a Singaporean tourist reportedly stayed.

The suspect, DM, is a 25-year-old man originally from Belu, East Nusa Tenggara, while the victim was identified as SR.


SR reportedly went to her room on March 27 and found her belongings all over the place.

“Based on our questioning, the suspect admitted that he had entered the villa by climbing up a jackfruit tree next to the villa,” said Kuta Police Chief Comr. Orpa SM Takalapeta yesterday.

Based on the CCTV footage, DM stole a 32-inch TV and the villa’s swimming pool pump in addition to other villa items. The villa’s owner, WSS, reported that the stolen items were worth around IDR 10 million (US$ 700).

DM was arrested four days after committing the crime in Gianyar. It was suspected that DM used to be an employee at the villa he burglarized.

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