Police in Bali are looking for a man who allegedly sexually assaulted two underage siblings, both of whom he believed to have victimized since last year.

According to a report from the Jawa Pos network, the two young victims, identified by their initials WS and KA, were sexually assaulted by a neighbor in their Kuta residence.

A man was struck in the face with a sickle on Sunday, allegedly by his own neighbor, after a rowdy gambling session in Buleleng regency. But who exactly is at fault is in question after one of the alleged assailants filed a competing report with the police claiming he was the victim.

A 22-year-old Balinese man is believed to have died from rabies after he was bitten by a dog around three months ago in Klungkung regency.

According to a report from the Jawa Pos network, Anak Agung Gede Rai Kariyawan, known as Ode, was brought to the local hospital in Klungkung after having difficulties breathing and swallowing water for two days.

Indonesia’s Joko Widodo has been re-elected as president of the world’s third-biggest democracy, the elections commission said early Tuesday, beating rival Prabowo Subianto, a retired general who has vowed to challenge any victory for the incumbent leader.

The police have arrested six suspects who are allegedly involved in cyber fraud on Thursday. Authorities say the group is from Makassar, South Sulawesi, but have been running their operations in Bali for the past three months.

Should a student be severely penalized for standing up to his school principal? Despite scoring high marks in Indonesia’s national exams, Aldi Irpan, a high school senior from Lombok, claims he failed to graduate because he had disobeyed his high school principal.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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