The Bali Police recently arrested an Australian national, Matthew Richard Woods, after he allegedly snatched a bag from a Canadian tourist in Canggu last week. 

“The local residents were yelling at the suspect.

Bali’s Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) said yesterday that the Benoa Bay reclamation project will not be implemented, adding that they support Bali Governor Wayan Koster’s position of rejecting commercial development in the area.

Bali is set to prohibit the development of coal-fired power plants with a new regulation, focusing instead on harnessing clean and renewable sources of energy to supply the island’s increasing energy demand.

Fearing a significant decline in Bali’s local population, the provincial government is stepping up its campaign to increase the birth rate on the island by advising islanders to consider having four children.

QR (quick response) codes have become ubiquitous in Indonesia in recent years, particularly in the use of e-payment systems, but the tech may soon be used for Black Mirror-esque surveillance of foreigners if the Immigration Office gets its wish.

The trial of Toshiyuki Tabuchi, a Japanese national, and an Indonesian man from Banyuwangi, Subagiyono, who were both arrested last March for allegedly attacking a police officer in Kerobokan, began yesterday at the Denpasar Court.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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