The chairman of Bali’s Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) is under scrutiny for throwing a birthday party for his child, in which dozens of guests ignored physical distancing protocols and didn’t wear masks despite the fact that the rise in coronavirus cases in the province and across Indonesia have yet to slow down.

If you’re an avid Coconutsreader, you’re probably into some pretty niche stuff. And now you can literally show off your great taste in independent media AND represent this beautiful island while you’re at it.

When all you need is love, perhaps the matter of dowries is more of a formality rather than an occasion to present excessive luxury. 

That appears to be the case for newlyweds Lalu Pahrurrozi and Widya Wati from West Lombok, who were married last Friday with a IDR1,000 (US$0.068) dowry, another example of a modest wedding in Indonesia that has since achieved a bit of fame online.

An 11-month-old baby in Bangli regency died after a car ran over her yesterday morning, making this the second death of a child involving negligent driving in Bali in less than two weeks.

Indonesia’s tourism industry appears to hinge on Bali’s revival amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with one minister warning that other destinations in the archipelago could be crippled should Bali fail to recover.

Police in Bali last week arrested an Interpol fugitive from the United States, alleging that the American has been hiding out on the island while producing and selling porn to make money.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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