Police arrested seven people off the coast of Bali over the weekend for allegedly trying to smuggle dozens of green sea turtles with a jukung, or traditional fishing boat. 

According to the police, the suspects caught the green sea turtles themselves and were planning to take them to Serangan Island in Denpasar, where they had planned on handing the reptiles over to a man identified as Muhayat.

Police in Ubud apprehended two men this week for allegedly engaging in sexual acts at a holy site in the area, citing the discovery of condoms at the scene as evidence.

It’s certainly no time to be traveling just yet; not with countries across the globe reporting over 12 million COVID-19 cases. There are good reasons why global leisure travel has been placed on a halt for the past couple of months, even if that means the hibernation of Bali’s tourism industry.

Beaches located in Denpasar city and Badung regency have reopened to the public this week under “strict health protocols,” joining the Bali provincial government’s first phase of the so-called “new normal.

Three dolphins rescued from mistreatment at Melka Hotel in northern Bali are now the first residents of the Bali Dolphin Sanctuary, a new facility organizers say is the world’s first permanent rehabilitation center for dolphins.

It’s been a while since this writer left the comfort of her couch, let alone anywhere that required a passport and a plane ticket. But that doesn’t mean the daydreaming ever stops.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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