Police have arrested a suspect named Kadek Supartika, also known as Ucil, who allegedly broke into nine houses in Buleleng. Authorities say he was arrested after he tried to evade capture, leading authorities to shoot him in the leg.

In an update to an ongoing investigation into the abuse of a 21-year-old domestic worker, who has been identified by her initials EF, the Bali Police said that her step-sister, SYA, who had been arrested for her alleged involvement in the abuse, was also a victim of abuse by the same employer.

Bali Police have arrested two Indonesian men who have allegedly been working together stealing from foreign tourists.

The police began an investigation into the two men, who they identified as Ode and Agung, after receiving a report from a South African tourist on Monday, according to a report by the Jawa Pos network.

Two Bulgarian nationals have been named suspects in connection with ATM skimming after local residents in Nusa Penida allegedly caught them in the act and brought them to the police.

The Bali police have arrested three suspects allegedly involved in the abuse of a 21-year-old domestic worker, identified by her initials EF. She claimed to have suffered burns all over her body after her employer poured boiling water on her as a form of punishment.

Police are looking for the parents of a newborn baby boy who was left in a bag at a Kuta orphanage in the early hours of Wednesday.

According to a statement issued by the Bali Police, the baby was found by Sister Clementia, who was stopping by the orphanage when she saw a brown duffel bag hung on the fence.

the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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