The Australian Consulate General in Bali is urging Aussies to leave the island right away, warning of the possibility of being stuck here for months and highlighting concerns over Indonesia’s under

pressure healthcare system.

Anthea Griffin, Australia’s Consul General in Bali, took to Twitter today to appeal to Australians to consider returning down under.

In a 90-second video, staff of the mission laid out several concerns including flight suspensions from major airlines and the potential internal restrictions within the country that may limit access to roads, transport and food supply in the near future.

To all Aussies in #Bali, are you prepared to wait out #COVID19 for what could be months? Have you considered the pressure you will put on local services? What if you get sick? Can you navigate a foreign system? My staff & I urge you to leave now, there are still flights available

— Anthea Griffin (@KonJenBali) April 3, 2020

The video asks Aussies to consider the fact that hospitals in Bali are under pressure and the situation will likely get worse with more cases of the novel coronavirus.

“Are you really prepared to wait this out for months in your current accommodation? Can you navigate a foreign system in a lockdown?” the video asked.

Indonesia has so far confirmed 1,790 positive cases of COVID-19, which includes 170 deaths. Bali accounts for 25 of those cases as of yesterday afternoon, including 2 deaths of foreign nationals and 10 recoveries.

The past week has seen hundreds of foreign nationals departing Bali, some with chartered flights organized by their respective governments, as flight cancelations and travel restrictions increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some tourists, however, have chosen to wait out the pandemic in Bali for a myriad of reasons, including not wanting to risk their health and safety by joining crowds of people in an attempt to return home. 

“If you decide to leave, leave immediately,” Griffin said in the video.

“We are working around the clock to ensure the welfare of as many Australians in Indonesia as possible, but we urge you to leave, now.”


the island of Bali

A beautiful and cultural rich island of Indonesia, one among 17.000 islands.


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