Following reports of the water in Lake Batur turning green since earlier this week, officials said that the change in color is a natural occurrence, but suggested that local residents should be careful and refrain from using the water.


“If we look at the history of Mount Batur, the water changing color has happened previously, we can even say it occurs annually,” Devy Kamil Syahbana, an official from the Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG), told Detik.

“However it’s clear that when the water changes color like it is doing now, it’s better not to use it,” he continued. 

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It doesn’t seem that the changing color of the water has affected fish living in the lake, though fish farmers have expressed concerns, according to reports from local news outlets. 

I Ketut Wania, a fish farmer at Lake Batur, told Bali Post that based on his experience, the lake water usually changes colors due to sulfur burst, which according to him will cause fish to panic and swim erratically at the edge of the lake.  

“I’ve been observing [it] since yesterday and it looks pretty calm. The fish are not panicking,” Wania said, adding that he fears the possibility of sulfur bursts may cause death for fish in the lake. 

PVMBG’s Devy also told Kompas yesterday that the changing color of the water in Lake Batur usually occurs during the transition from the dry to wet season, or when rain intensity is high. He added that there has been no heightened activity in Mount Batur, which is an active volcano.

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