Oh, to live that Bali life, eh? Whether you’re a first-time visitor or have been roaming around this magical island for a while, this guide is especially for you who want to create magical moments on the Island of Gods as we bid adieu to 2023.

From bars to restaurants to events and exhibitions, this list includes a plethora of suggestions for you to live your Bali life to the fullest this weekend.

Drag Queen x Stand Up Comedy at South+East Brewing Co.

Stand-up comedy and drag royalty are colliding in a hilarious head-on collision of wit and sparkle. You’ve probably seen drag queens performing here and there on the Island Gods. Most likely you’ve watched (or, at least, are familiar about) stand-up comedy shows popping up in various places in Bali. But have you seen drag queens and stand-up comedians performing together at the same venue? Even better – how about a drag queen who does stand-up comedy? Headlining the show tonight is Anna Linguist, a drag queen/stand-up comedian who is already well-established in the scene. Ayubie Tsunami, a fixture amongst drag performers in Bali, is also set to bring her best performance that is guaranteed to be electric. Funny people from Actually Funny Folks will bring laughter to make your last Thursday of 2023 memorable af.

Thursday evening (that’s tonight) at South+East Brewing Co.

Dance into 2024 with Martin Garrix

Ring in the New Year with the world’s biggest beats and brightest lights as global superstar DJ Martin Garrix takes center stage at Atlas Beachfest. This electrifying New Year’s Eve bash will be an unforgettable night of pulsating energy, featuring dazzling visuals and a crowd buzzing with excitement. Get ready to dance under the stars, raise a toast to the future, and celebrate life’s biggest moments with the one and only Martin Garrix at the helm.

This Sunday at Atlas Beach Club.

Have a blast at Savaya

The iconic clifftop beach club Savaya Bali is out to ignite your New Year’s with a week-long extravaganza (Dec. 29 to Jan. 7). Dance under Bali’s starry sky to global DJs, sip cocktails by the beach, and ring in 2024 with dazzling lights and a vibrant crowd. Pre-register now for early ticket access.

This week at Savaya. Find more information here.

Enter the clandestine world of Mamasita

Nestled in the heart of Canggu, Mamasita beckons you into a world where whispered secrets and extraordinary experiences collide. This captivating destination is more than just a bar, it’s a sanctuary of mystery and creativity where age-old customs intertwine with modern innovation. Step inside and be enveloped by a warm welcome, where every corner whispers stories and shadows dance to the rhythm of Mamasita’s vibrant soul. Experience the hidden treasures of Bali’s social scene, where meticulously crafted libations tell tales of flavor, and delectable bites create a symphony of taste. From enchanting jazz melodies to electrifying live performances, Mamasita is a nightly adventure, a modern speakeasy where mystery and revelry intertwine.

Find Mamasita here.

Pilates? More like Pila-YES!

KÔR PILATES, launched this February in Canggu, has quickly gained prominence amidst the growing interest in Pilates within the area. Despite not being the first Pilates studio in Bali or Canggu, KÔR PILATES distinguishes itself through its picturesque setting amid rice fields and a diverse array of classes, encompassing mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, and fitness-focused sessions. Notably, Coconuts Bali has visited the studio on several occasions, and we were impressed by its intimate class sizes—limited to nine reformer spots—which afford attendees personalized attention from instructors.

FindKOR Pilates.

Lick up LICKBAIT’s experimental flavors

Okay, before you judgy old-timers roll your eyes and be, like, “Gelato bar? In Bali? Groundbreaking!”, we will vouch for this place. The newest addition in the BatuBelig/Canggu area, LickBait described their gelatos as “small-batched, produce-driven, artisanal, and experimental”. Coconuts Bali recently visited the premise ourselves and we have to say their flavors are mind-blowing and, quite frankly, out of the box. Our top picks include brown butter maple, riccota amarena (we do love cherries!), black pepper bacon (!), malted milk rengginang (traditional Indonesian crackers made from glutinous rice), and vanilla burnt tape (tape here refers to the traditional Indonesian snack made of fermented cassava). Your tongue is in for a rollercoaster ride.

Find LickBait here.

Get productive at Canggu’s Mandatina Cafe

You want a hot body? You want a Maserati? You better work for them! It is well-known that Canggu is the Mecca for digital nomads and remote workers. Mandatina Cafe is the latest addition to the area – they opened last March – and the spacious, fully air conditioned area (!) is perfect for you to open your laptop and get a lot of work done while enjoying their selection of meals such as avocado toast, chicken teriyaki, and tempe wrap. Priced from IDR60,000 to IDR120,000, Mandatina offers delicious meals that are quite affordable for Canggu (meaning you can eat more!). Since they are situated on Babakan Canggu street, the neighborhood is very quiet (a rarity in the area) so if you need to be laser-focused to meet your deadlines, this is the place to be.

Find Mandatina Cafe here.

Need a break? Comma is your new Cemagi hangout hotspot

Seeking an escape from the energetic atmosphere of Canggu this weekend? Take a brief journey to the peaceful ambiance of Cemagi and drop by COMMA, the newest establishment in the area. Just a stone’s throw from the beach and nestled amidst picturesque rice fields, COMMA beckons guests to unwind, relax, and savor delightful offerings. Indulge in familiar classics with an innovative twist and relish coffee crafted by the renowned Hungry Bird of Berawa. Don’t overlook their special soft opening offer — enjoy a 25 percent discount until Nov. 30.

Find COMMA here.


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