An official within the Jembrana administration who was demoted back in 2015 over sexual harassment was promoted to a higher position yesterday along with nine other officers.

The man in question, IMY, is

..html" target="_blank">now officially serving as the head of the Jembrana Civil and Village Empowerment Agency.

In 2015, IMY, who at the time was the head of Jembrana Trade, Industry, and Union Agency, was involved in a sexual harassment case with the victim being the agency’s contract worker.

Local outlets reported that it was the victim’s husband himself who first caught IMY in the act. As a result, I Putu Artha, who was the Jembrana Regent at that point, demoted IMY and he later worked as a staff member at a local training center.

Jembrana Regency’s secretary I Made Budiasa said that the appointment of IMY to his new position is within existing regulations. He specifically referred to a regulation on civil servant disciplinary action that was introduced last year.

“Based on that regulation statute of limitations no longer exists. Previously, [IMY] was made a staff member as a punishment. The statute of limitations no longer exists so KASN [Civil Service Commission] returned [him to his] position,” said Budiasa.

KASN reportedly recommended IMY’s reinstatement in a letter issued on Dec. 31 last year.

Budiasa went on to say that IMY’s reinstatement did not imply any mistake in the previous decision nor did it imply his innocence or otherwise.

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