A high school principal has been removed from his post after a 17-second video of him treating a student with the utmost disrespect went viral recently.

The disgraced educator, however, is still permitted to teach after he was transferred to another school.

The head of the Bali Education, Youth, and Sports Agency, Ketut Ngurah Boy Jayawibawa, confirmed today that the perpetrator, IKS, has been removed from the top job at Amlapura 3 Public High School in Karangasem.

“The principal has been summoned and questioned, and was ultimately [demoted],” Boy Jayawibawa said.

The official did not reveal where IKS is now posted and is able to resume his teaching career. During questioning, IKS said he carried out the punishment on the student as a disciplinary measure, which violated the agency’s standard of conduct for educators.

The video in question went viral earlier this week in which IKS was shown watching on as several male students performed push-ups in front of him and their entire class as punishment for their haircuts. As one boy appeared to be less than enthused with carrying out the punishment, IKS used his foot to push him down by the shoulder.

IKS has confessed to exacting the punishment and humiliating one student with his foot, but insisted that his actions were carried out out of concern towards his children’s well-being. He also claimed that he and his students had an agreement in place subjecting anyone to 10 pushups for inappropriate trims.

“This [happened] because we didn’t have a chance to [properly] educate our children,” said IKS, who said he is ready to face any consequences for his actions.


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