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Bali – As Covid-19 starts to wind down the world media continues to report about unrest, riots and looting from Paris to New York to Hong Kong.

Since the corona virus outbreak and lock downs many around the world, have spent much time indoors, re-evaluating where they would want to be the next time there is a “lock down” or other global problems confront them.

Bali seems to “tic” many of the boxes for people who want to escape the urban dangers, in favour of nature, safety, low incidence of Covid, good water & food supply, tropical weather, and proximity to other asian countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

According to Mike Blum of Dream Properties Asia – many of his clients are no longer looking for just vacation properties, but instead safe havens where they can lock down and escape the uncertainties of places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and even as far as Europe and the USA.

Blum says Bali is once again becoming a top destination for investors, looking for a safe place, for themselves and their families to vacation and reside. Todays vacation properties are also acting as an “insurance policy” or “emergency escape” for the next pandemic or “rainy day .” Places that people can fly to easily and wait for the “storm to pass”.

Blum asks rhetorically, “Where would you and your family rather be during the next pandemic or civil unrest , sitting in your apartment in Hong Kong listening to rioters below , or in a beautiful Bali villa that overlooks the ocean or is situated in a natural jungle complete with swimming pool privacy and the safety for your family?”

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