While Ibu Pertiwi is the Earth Mother for all Indonesians, for the Balinese she is a goddess both more personal and immediate. Ibu Pertiwi is unconsciously felt as a kind, nurturing being who is thanked for her life-giving powers by the daily placing of canang flower offerings in the center of Balinese family courtyards. Ibu Pertiwi is at the very core of life, guiding the Balinese in every endeavour and enterprise. Without her, there is nothing.

We at the Ibu Pertiwi Humanitarian Foundation, have chosen this symbol to guide us along our path of humanitarian aid to those who have suffered from the horrors of the Kuta Bomb Blast of October 12th, 2002. In her human form, we like to think of her a kindly grandmother, smiling her compassion into her descendents.


YKIP is a foundation committed to improving the lives of the needy in Bali by breaking the cycle of poverty through educational support and services. Originally set up to assist in the recovery efforts after the Bali bombing in October 2002, YKIP was the natural outcome of the work carried out by Mitrais and the Bali Recovery Group during the immediate aftermath of the bombing. The Mitrais management and a group of concerned citizens were amongst the founders of YKIP. They wanted to ensure that assistance to victims would continue long after the aid agencies pulled out.

The current major source of funds for YKIP is the Annika Linden Foundation (ALF) which was founded by Mark Weingard after his fiancé, Annika Linden, perished in the Kuta bomb blast. Mark established a foundation to honour Annika’s memory by supporting community based projects that make a positive difference in people’s lives. ALF has generously donated to YKIP’s efforts since 2003.

All of YKIP’s projects in 2002 and 2003 were related to the direct victims of the blast. Commencing in 2004, YKIP expanded its initial programs to include health and education services by shifting its role as the funding administrator of the Annika Linden Foundation. YKIP worked with some of the leading non profits in Bali including Yayasan KIDS, YAKKUM, YRS, YPK, and East Bali Poverty Project.

In 2011, PT. Inspirasia Bali was established by the Annika Linden Foundation partly to take over YKIP’s role as the funding administrator for health projects run by ALF’s Bali partners. This opportunity has allowed YKIP to solely focus on education issues and to better develop its programs in order to deliver greater and broader impact on the people of Bali.

YKIP has long-term experience working with a wide range of donors and stakeholders. In the next five years, we would like to expand our partnership and network to those who want to make poverty history in Bali, delivering the underprivileged children to be as highly educated and successful as possible. Consequently, lifting their families out of poverty and “Breaking The Cycle”.

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi website http://www.ykip.org.

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