A man in Bali’s Buleleng regency has been arrested for allegedly threatening his debt collector with a sword, with police finding more weapons at his house during the arrest. 

“The suspect was upset with the victim who was collecting his payment for an installment at the time,” Vicky Tri Haryanto, who heads the criminal investigation unit at Buleleng Police, said.


The incident took place last Wednesday, when the victim, identified by his initials GS, visited the suspect, identified by his initials GSU, to collect an owed payment. Their conversation reportedly took a sour turn, and GSU reacted by taking a sword from inside the house and then threatening GS.

GS proceeded to file a police report regarding the incident, and authorities said they found a number of sharp weapons at GSU’s house during his arrest, including the 60 centimeters long sword he had threatened the former with. 

“Police officers searched the suspect’s house and found two spears, two air rifles, one gas pistol, three long swords and two bayonets, which the suspect admitted to owning without proper permits,” Vicky said. 

GSU could potentially be charged with either Article 368 of the criminal code (KUHP) on threats, or Article 2 of the 1951 Emergency Law on Illegal Possessions of Firearms, which carries a maximum prison sentence of nine years and 10 years respectively.

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