Police in the city of Bima, East Nusa Tenggara are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who was found hanging from a rope at a boarding house yesterday afternoon.

The victim, identified by her initial P, was found by a group of kids who were playing around the boarding house at 2:30pm yesterday.

P was reportedly hanging from a rope that had been tied to the ventilation frame of one of the rooms.

ā€œBoth her parents were not there during the incident. They found out that their child had died after they were contacted by other residents,ā€ Hasnun, a spokesman from the Bima City Police, said in a statement.

Police explained that Pā€™s parents, identified as 30-year-old M and 27-year-old IS, as well as her two siblings, had gone to the market since noon. The victim was left at the boarding house with her youngest sibling.

An investigation into her death is still ongoing, and police have yet to officially reveal her cause of death.

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