A man in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara allegedly slashed his wife with a machete after waking up to find her being intimate with another man right next to him in their bed.


“The person who stabbed [the victim] was her own husband, AP, because his wife, SU, was intimate with another man right beside him,” Faesal, who heads the crime unit in Sumbawa Police, told Detik yesterday.

Faesal explained that the incident took place last Friday. AP got so upset that he went to grab a machete, which he then aimed at SU. 

According to reports, SU was heavily injured on her wrist and thigh, while one of her fingers was cut off. She was immediately taken to the local hospital, where she is currently being treated. 

Meanwhile, SU’s manstress, identified by his initials CAN, was able to get away from the scene and saved himself from AP’s wrath by hiding in a local police station. 

Authorities said AP has expressed that he wants to punish CAN himself. 

“The husband and their family insist that because he has slashed his wife’s hands, he also wants to do something similar to the manstress,” Faesal was quoted as saying. 

The Sumbawa Police is reportedly on the case, though reports from local media outlets suggest that AP has yet to be charged.

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