Officers from Denpasar’s Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) said they traced the source of Badung river turning red yesterday morning, after an investigation led them to a small textile dye business in the area.


“We found the source at a dyeing place,” I Nyoman Sudarna from Satpol PP Denpasar told Detik.

“The owner admitted that they threw out some waste. There were some evidence, and they were matched with what had been found in the river.” 

Yesterday, the sight of Badung river along Jl. Imam Bonjol in Denpasar turning red became a hotly discussed topic across various social media platforms, with many users sharing their take on what might have caused it. 

Authorities were quick to investigate the matter, and found that the source did not meet the adequate standard for a waste treatment plant (IPAL), which led to the river being contaminated with red dye yesterday. 

Under Indonesia’s 2009 Environmental Law, the textile place owner could be fined up to IDR3 billion (US$213,000) and also face closure of the business, according to Eko Astinama from the Department of Environment and Sanitation (DLHK) in Denpasar. 

Reports indicate that a trial for the minor offense, known as tipiring in Indonesian, is scheduled for this Friday.

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