Police said an Australian teenager has been apprehended for allegedly hitting a security guard at a Burger King located in Kuta last week. 

“[After the incident] the victim was injured on his left temple, and the matter was reported to the Kuta Police,” I Putu Ika Prabawa from Kuta Police said yesterday, adding that the incident took place on Friday.

The victim, identified as 33-year-old Adni Junus Liu, works as a security guard at Burger King in Kuta, according to reports from local media outlets.

In the early hours of Friday, Adni reportedly went to reproach a group of foreigners who were arguing with a motorbike taxi driver over a stolen mobile phone, telling them to take the matter elsewhere. 

One of them then went to look for his allegedly stolen mobile phone, but then came back and asked Adni whether or not he saw who might have taken it. The group allegedly demanded Adni to take responsibility, and one of them went so far as to hit him in the face. 

The Australian tourist, an 18-year-old identified by his initials WZW, was then arrested at his hotel in Kuta. He reportedly admitted to the police that he did hit Adni twice, allegedly out of anger, after his friend lost his mobile phone in the area that Adni was supposed to keep an eye on. 

Security consultant John McLeod of Tora Solutions, who is reportedly assisting WZW in the case, told Australia’s news outlet 7News that the teenager is “extremely remorseful and apologetic for the pain he has caused the victim.”

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