A 48-year-old Australian woman has been sentenced to three months and 15 days in prison by the Negara District Court, after she was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter that killed a 19-year-old motorbike rider in August.


“The defendant’s action caused the loss of life of another person,” presiding judge Benny Octavianus said, as quoted by Sindo News.

The woman, Susan Leslie O’Brien, received a lighter sentence than what prosecutors had previously demanded, which was six months in prison.

O’Brien was arrested in mid-August after she hit a motorcycle on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk Bypass and killed the rider, 19-year-old Rizqi Akbar Putra, who died at the scene from his injuries.

Today, the Negara District Court announced that she is guilty of violating Indonesia’s 2009 Traffic Law, which carries a maximum of six years’ imprisonment and a maximum fine of IDR12 million (US$853).

Her final sentence means O’Brien would be released at the end of this month, as it takes into account the time she already served. Her case reportedly had several extenuating circumstances that was taken into consideration, including her good behavior during trial, as well as the peace agreement between her and Rizqi’s family. 

According to Australia’s 7News, O’Brien signed a peace agreement with the family and paid them about AUD1,550 (US$1,073) in compensation. 


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