Is it possible that the hot weather of late in Bali are making people short-tempered? With several videos showing foreigners getting into fights having gone viral in the past few weeks, there may be reason to believe that alcohol and high temperatures do not make for peaceful nights on the island.


One example of a recent fight was captured in a video shared by @punapibali on Instagram, showing a crowd of what appears to be foreign tourists getting into a drunken brawl in front of La Favela nightclub in Seminyak on Wednesday. 

At one point in the video, one man in a black shirt pushes a woman dressed in light purple from the sidewalk so hard that she falls into the street, before getting back up and throwing some punches at him.

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Another ugly tourist brawl was captured on video a couple of weeks ago, right across from the same nightclub. 

JUST IN: Video emerges showing another ugly tourist brawl in Bali nightclub hotspot Seminyak. This time Aussie league players don’t appear to be involved.

— Renae Henry (@renaehenry9) October 16, 2019

Also last month, a video showed a New Zealand man believed to be Australian rugby league player Nelson Asofa-Solomona getting into a violent street brawl, where at one point the fight was pushed to the middle of traffic that night. 

Yes, yes, we know how crazy a night out at La Favela can get, not to mention the long queue to get in on the weekends. It’s certainly a favorite nightlife destination in Bali, and so perhaps it’s not that surprising to find a lot of these brawls concentrated on this particular location. 

It doesn’t seem like anyone has filed a police report over these incidents, but the Bali Police are definitely aware of what’s been going on. In fact, an integrated team comprising of officers from Denpasar city and Badung regency will start regular patrols in the area, says Denpasar Police Chief Ruddi Setiawan yesterday. 

“I have communicated with Badung Police Chief to form an integrated security team there. Half of the officers from Denpasar city, and half from Badung regency, they will patrol the area together,” Ruddi said, as quoted by Detik.

Ruddi suspected that the fights have broke out simply because of how crowded the area is, perhaps implying that people are more delicate and prone to emotional reactions in such situations.  

I Made Badra, who heads the Tourism Agency in Badung, said that his office continues to advise nightclubs in Bali to keep their operational hours according to standards, meaning they are expected to close at 2am.

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