Following an increasing number of accidents at the Devil’s Tear cove in Nusa Lembongan, in which tourists have either died or gone missing after being swept away by huge waves, the district government in Klungkung yesterday confirmed that guardrails are finally being put up as a safety measure in the popular tourist attraction.


“We’ve started to put up the guardrails since Tuesday. We’re expecting to finish this in the next month,” I Nengah Sukasta, who heads the Klungkung Tourism Agency, told Tribun-Bali.

According to reports, the guardrails will be about 180-meters long and is being put up at a cost of IDR70 million (US$4,949). In addition, they will be made out of uli wood and held together with braided ropes typically used on ships. 

In August, a Chinese tourist died after she was swept away by a huge wave while standing near the edge of the famous cove, which is located on a small island just southeast of Bali. The accident, along with several others that have happened in recent years, reportedly occurred while the tourist was taking a selfie. 

Many tourists are drawn to the increasingly popular spot, looking to take pictures or videos with the waves smashing spectacularly against the cove as their background. But the waves can get quite violent, resulting in tourists either getting injured or swept away.

“We’ve been saying for a while now that we’re not blind to the accidents that have happened at Devil’s Tear. We are always working to improve it, but it is a process,” Sukasta said. 

He emphasized that the guardrails don’t fully guarantee the safety of tourists visiting the Devil’s Tear, and said tourists still need to be careful. He also said tour guides must continue to brief the tourists about the possible dangers of the spot. 

“Tourists must still put their safety first by not going to dangerous spots, such as taking photos too close to the edge. Safety and comfort is a collective responsibility and we must always remind each other,” Sukasta said.

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