Earlier today, Klungkung Police said that the man who was arrested last week for drugs possession in Nusa Penida had acquired his supply from a couple, who have been identified by their initials KS and SAMNA.

The three suspects now face charges under Indonesia’s notoriously harsh drug laws. 

The man, identified by his initials IKD, is believed to have worked as a civil servant in Klungkung’s Environmental Agency. However, this has yet to be confirmed by the police. 

IKD reportedly gave authorities information on where he had gotten his supply of narcotics, prompting a deeper investigation into the suspected drug network. He was arrested on July 28 for possessing 3.31 grams of shabu (cyrstal meth), as he was allegedly about to sell the drugs. 

“From IKD’s statement, we received information on where the shabu was acquired and we investigated the matter further, which led to the subsequent arrests,” said chief of Klungkung Police, I Komang Sudana, as quoted by Kumparan. 

According to Kumparan’s report, 27-year-old KS works as an online motorbike driver and is from Buleleng. His girlfriend, 23-year-old SAMNA, works at a souvenir shop in Denpasar and is from Bangli. They were reportedly arrested around the port area of Sanur. 

SAMNA and KS are believed to have been supplying drugs to Nusa Penida. Authorities secured 9.17 grams worth of shabu during their arrest. 

Under Indonesia’s drug laws, IKD face a maximum charge of 12 years’ imprisonment and a maximum fine of IDR 8 billion (USD 563,000) for drugs possession. On the other hand, KS and SAMNA each face a maximum charge of 20 years’ imprisonment and a maximum fine of IDR 10 billion (USD 704,000) for dealing drugs. 


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