A local resident in Buleleng regency reportedly stumbled upon a human skeleton on a cocoa plantation on Saturday, marking at least the second time in the past month a skeleton has randomly been found in Bali.


“I was walking around and looking for cocoa fruit when I accidentally stumbled upon a human skeleton on the ground,” Made Artika from Buleleng’s Seririt district told Bali Express. 

Artika informed the local village authorities, who then passed the information on to the police in Seririt. The 59-year-old claimed that there hasn’t been any suspicious activities in the area, but noted that there had seemed to be an unidentified smell of a body decomposing in the area for the past two months. 

As reported by Bali Express, the skeleton is currently being held at the Buleleng General Hospital. A forensics team from the Bali Police will conduct an examination of the skeleton today for identification. 

Kompol Wayan Suka, who heads the Seririt Police, said the criminal unit is conducting an investigation to find out if the skeleton might have belonged to a murder victim. According to a report from Nusa Bali, a torn up woman’s legging was also found near the skeleton. 

“We are also looking to see if there might have been a missing person in the area. We can’t yet confirm if the skeleton belongs to a murder victim or otherwise,” Suka told Bali Express. 

A skull and skeleton was also found in South Kuta recently, which was believed to have belonged to a woman. Authorities have yet to determine if the discovery of the two skeletons might be connected. 


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