Earlier today, police in Bali apprehended a man — identified by his initial, A — after he suddenly desecrated the altar at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Denpasar. 

“We’re still looking into the matter.

He’s been detained at the East Denpasar Police station,” Nyoman Karang Adiputra, who heads the East Denpasar Police, told Kompas. 

According to authorities, the incident took place at around 9.30am. The suspect was at the church with his wife to pray when he suddenly cried out and went berserk. He also damaged the altar and the flower vases in the church. 

“The church staff who saw the incident immediately contacted the police. There was a patrol car passing by at the time,” Adiputra said. 

Police have yet to give a reason for the man’s sudden outburst of violence but Adiputra did tell Detik that A was known to be a frequent churchgoer at Saint Joseph

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