Bali Immigration yesterday denied having charged an extra fee to a Czech tourist who had overstayed his Indonesian visa after the latter claimed that he was asked to pay more than what was written on his receipt.


“He overstayed his visa for 13 days, according to his receipt and proof of deposit on non-tax revenue. Regarding information that said he paid IDR 14 million (USD 989) – that is not true,” said Amran Aris, who heads the Class 1 Immigration Office at Ngurah Rai International Airport, as reported by Bali Express. 

The Czech tourist, Daniel Koliba, claimed that he had paid IDR 14 million for overstaying his visa, and was surprised to discover after he made the payment that his receipt showed he only had to pay IDR 13 million. 

“I know that I had to pay the penalty, [so] this isn’t about the money but rather principle. The receipt showed IDR 13 million for having overstayed by 13 days, but the officer told me I had to pay IDR 14 million,” Daniel told Bali Express. 

Bali Express reported having seen the proof of payment, which clearly stated IDR 13 million. 

“They stole my money. How can they ask for IDR 14 million, when I only have to pay IDR 13 million. I want justice. I am disappointed. I love Bali, but how come it’s treating me like this,” Daniel said. 

In addition, Daniel also wondered why he couldn’t purchase a 30-day Visa on Arrival (VoA). 

Amran said tourists visiting Indonesia can only be granted one type of visa, and he had entered Indonesia using his visa exemption privilege as a Czech nationality, which couldn’t be changed into a VoA while it’s still valid. 

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