A woman in Denpasar suffered injuries after she caught her neighbor peeping in her bathroom. The neighbor reportedly reacted by attacking her with a hammer and stabbing her with scissors.

The woman, who has been identified as Ni Kadek Santrika by local media, received injuries to her head, hands and stomach after the incident, as reported by Tribun-Bali.

Tribun-Bali went on to report that the incident occurred yesterday afternoon, while Santrika was taking a shower in her boarding house. She was just about to step out of her bathroom after hearing some noises when the peeping tom slipped from his vantage point and fell on top of her.

Startled by the unexpected turn of events, the peeper, who has been identified as Dwi Apriyanto, allegedly hit Santrika in the head with a hammer, choked her and even stabbed her with scissors,  leaving Santrika unconscious before she could manage to seek help. Thankfully, someone nearby heard Santrika’s screams before she fainted and was able to find her, according to a report from Kumparan. She was then brought to a local hospital, where she is currently being treated for her injuries.

The police are reportedly looking for Dwi, who reportedly ran off while witnesses tried to help Santrika. I Nyoman Karang Adiputra from East Denpasar Police confirmed that the incident had indeed taken place and that authorities were investigating, as reported by Tribun-Bali.


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