Two foreign nationals in South Kuta suffered burn injuries following the explosion of a household gas tank yesterday, which authorities suspect was triggered by a leak. 

Yusak Agustinus Saoi, chief of South Kuta sub-precinct, said the incident occurred yesterday morning when 34-year-old HGQH went to boil some water.


“[HGQH] who is a French national headed for the kitchen to boil some water to make tea. When he turned on the stove, fire flared and an explosion occurred,” Yusak said. 

Authorities suspect that the explosion was triggered by a gas leak. The blast damaged parts of the house and a car, with both victims, including a UK national identified as EFMH, sustaining burn injuries.

The pair was then taken to a local hospital for immediate treatment. 

Yusak confirmed that there were no fatal casualties in the incident.

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the island of Bali

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