Footage of an alleged robbery at a gas station in Denpasar circulated widely since yesterday, showing an armed culprit dressed in a green jacket associated with Indonesia’s app-based motorcycle taxis (locally known as ojol), with police now reportedly carrying out an investigation.

A clip from the CCTV recording has gone viral on platforms like Instagram, showing the culprit driving into a quiet gas station and pointing his gun at a group of three women, who has been identified as staff at the facility. As the women fled the scene, the culprit grabbed a purse that was placed nearby before driving off to escape.

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The incident reportedly occurred at a gas station on Jl. Raya Pelabuhan Benoa in South Denpasar yesterday afternoon, and police are now investigating the case further. 

“Based on info from an officer who went to the scene, the purse belonged to a staff member and it contained a mobile phone,” Abdus Salim, who heads the South Denpasar sector police, said yesterday.  

The identity of the culprit, and whether or not he’s actually an ojol driver, are not yet known.

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