When you look at social media these days (it’s where we spend most of our time, anyway, let’s be real), there’s a good chance that it feels as if people in Bali aren’t living through a pandemic, as they appear to be hanging out and going on about their lives like usual.

Bali has consistently recorded over 100 new cases daily since September, resulting in a notable surge considering that its average daily count was well below that in the months prior. Today, officials are suggesting that the situation may be linked to attitudes toward COVID-19 in Bali, with the regional task force revealing that more than 20 percent of the population in the province don’t believe they’re at risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

“There are [members of] the public who believe they won’t be infected. About one-fifth of the population in Bali,” Sonny Harry Harmadi, who is the Bali task force’s head of attitude changes, said earlier today.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) estimates that there are about 4.3 million people living in Bali in 2020. Based on this figure, it translates to about 860,000 people being confident that they won’t contract the viral disease.

“We can reduce this through massive education to the public, further supported by raising awareness on appropriate health protocols,” Sonny said.

This protocol involves using masks, physical distancing of at least two meters, and washing hands. 

As of today, Bali has reported 9,897 COVID-19 cases, including 317 deaths and 1,125 currently in treatment.

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