Police in Bali have arrested a former employee of Victoria’s Secret store in Kuta for an alleged theft of bras and perfumes, with the suspect confessing to having stolen from the luxury lingerie store over a dozen times.


The suspect, identified as AM, allegedly stole IDR31 million (US$2,098) worth of goods, comprising 15 bras and 48 bottles of perfumes. He was arrested at his boarding house (kost) on Oct. 1, after allegedly committing the crime the day prior. 

“The suspect robbed the Victoria’s Secret store at Beachwalk Shopping Center in Kuta by gouging the rolling door using a wooden stick. The suspect committed the robbery alone,” I Made Yudistira, who heads the criminal investigation unit at the Kuta subprecinct, said yesterday. 

Yudistira said AM broke into the store when it was closed at night.

Police were able to identify and track AM down after reviewing available CCTV footage from the store, following a report from the store manager about the robbery. AM previously lost his job at the store over alleged theft, though it was not specified what he had stolen when he had inside access.

“[The suspect] was fired from his job because he was caught stealing before,” Yudistira said, adding that AM confessed to having stolen 13 times from the American retailer. 

Authorities said AM sold the stolen goods online at lower prices, and used the money to cover his daily expenses.

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