Police in Bali seized nine pots of cannabis plant in Ubud this week, with two men also arrested for alleged drug trafficking and possession of 4.5 kilograms of marijuana.

The two suspects, identified as GB and JP, were arrested separately.

Police first arrested GB in North Kuta on Tuesday evening, where they found a packet containing marijuana inside his bag. This was followed up with a search of GB’s place in Ubud, where they found nine pots of homegrown cannabis, three packets suspected to contain marijuana in his fridge, and several more packets inside his home. 

“The suspect [GB] admitted to owning all of the seized items, which he intended to sell and [save] some for personal use. The suspect claimed to have acquired the marijuana from a man named Joni, which we are still looking into,” Muhammad Khozin, director of Bali Police’s drug crimes investigation unit, said. 

In addition, police say that GB claimed to have bought the illegal drugs from Joni for IDR10 million (US$678). 

JP was arrested later that same day in Ubud, with police seizing 12 packets of marijuana from him. 

“The suspect [JP] said he acquired the items from GB,” Khozin said. 

It appears that JP was working for GB, as he claimed to be keeping the marijuana while waiting for further instruction from the latter. 

Police seized about 2.7 kilograms of marijuana from GB, whereas JP reportedly had with him about 1.8 kilograms of weed.

Under Indonesia’s notoriously harsh drug laws, the suspects may face charges carrying the death penalty. 

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